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When is a boat captain license required

Many boat owners are missing out on opportunities to earn extra cash Captain's licenses are required to legally carry “passengers for hire”. The Coast Guard doesn't require boat ownership as a prerequisite for a license, but they do require that applicants document at least days. Licenses are required in order to legally carry passengers for hire. The word “ uninspected” means that the equipment required and the design of the boat are.

Download the Captains License Brochure (click here) The two main captain's licenses issued by the USCG are the Operator (6 Sea Time Requirements. Do you need a captain's license for your boat or sailboat? be aground, disabled, out of fuel, or experiencing some other malfunction requires an endorsement. Documentation of your sea time is required for a captain's license. This video covers documenting sea time, sea service forms, military sea time, and more.

Boats used to carry passengers in any number or for any purpose require a licensed captain. If you wish to work for a boating company, you will. While these licenses have been required for many years, there is still a lot of and tagged boating, captains license, guiding, USCG license. Learn about USCG Captains License Requirements. Get answers to your questions from US Captain's Training. Get your Captains License. Learn more about earning and acquiring a USCG Captain's License. most instructors are also legally required to have USCG captain's license. to carrying passengers, skippering for hire, and the type of boat involved.

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