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What treats viral pneumonia

May 11, Viral pneumonia is a lung infection caused by a virus. Find out more from WebMD. Viral pneumonia is an infection of your lungs caused by a virus. The most Oxygen treatment; IV fluids and medications; Treatments to help loosen up the gunk. Jul 3, Viral pneumonia causes symptoms that include a cough, fever, and chills. The condition usually resolves without treatment, but doctors may.

Most people can be treated at home for viral pneumonia. The goal of treatment is to ease the symptoms of infection. Be sure to check. Jul 28, Viral pneumonia is more likely to occur in young children and older adults. This is because their bodies have a harder time fighting off the virus. Apart from the US Food and Drug Administration-approved medications for treatment of influenza pneumonia, the treatment of non-influenza respiratory viruses.

Jul 24, Viruses account for the largest proportion of childhood pneumonia. Viral pneumonia decreases in frequency in healthy young and middle-aged. Jul 24, Viral pneumonia decreases in frequency in healthy young and middle-aged Agents used to treat cases of viral pneumonia include acyclovir. Pneumonia is an infection or inflammation of the lungs. Learn about viral pneumonia causes, treatment, symptoms, recovery time, and diagnosis. J Investig Med. Aug;66(6) doi: /jim Epub Apr Viral pneumonia: etiologies and treatment. Dandachi D(1).

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