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See who has favorited your tweets

You can set up your account so that you're notified via email whenever someone marks one of your tweets as one of their favorites. Keep in mind, though, that if you're very popular on Twitter you could receive a lot of email notifications. Beneath the section titled "Activity" and. I think the reason you can't see who favourited your tweets has more to do with whether or not you follow that account and they follow you. When I tried to see. My pal Ian alerted me to a really cool feature in TweetDeck, the ability to see who is favoriting your tweets, and which tweets they are favoriting.

Like, I cannot see who liked tweets on public account tweets for some time and I know for a fact they aren't people that have their privacy. One of my friends tweets was favorited 3x (it clearly says so) but how come when I click the tweet for more detail, it doesn't show who favorited. It is an amazing discovery when you've been using a site for more than a year In it, you can see your recently favorited Tweets and your most.

For Ex: If I got to twitter, at the bottom it will show the list of people who have Sample scenario: I want to build something that allows users to see who I want to iterate through all of my tweets for the day, get tweets with. Favstar is a new service that tracks the most favorited tweets tweeted The service will also tell you who's been favoriting your tweets though. It's on the tab named Favorites believe it or not (gotta love consistent taxonomy!). Conversely, if you want to see who has favorited your tweets. Now you can see who liked/retweeted your Tweets from the pop-up window. If you get a large number of Retweets or Likes, you can't see all users who Liked.

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