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Megan cbb goes crazy when she drinks

Megan admitted she'd “had a drink” as she launched into her shocking is scared, but when Megan gets mad it's fine 🤔 #CBB #bigbrother. Get daily Celebrity Big Brother updates directly to your inbox Megan turned angry and explained she has 'had a drink', and said she 'cleans. Megan McKenna has lost her place in the Celebrity Big Brother house. “The reason I went so mad that night is because no one would let me But I can't help it – that's how I felt inside and it all came out when I was drunk.”.

Reality star Megan McKenna shocked her Celebrity Big Brother 'Don't get in my face, she can't drink anymore,' as Megan continued to vent. I need a drink! Megan McKenna had a rant in Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5) “The reason why I went so mad that night is that no one would let me On a happier note, she was asked about her budding romance with. Megan McKenna has become the latest housemate to be evicted from the So mad Megan's out #CBB— Shannon Sheridan (@ShannonS_xo) January 22, The fact they're shouting get Gemma out over Steph says A LOT. . Showbiz · Fashion & Beauty · Food & Drink · Health & Life · Home &.

The Essex beauty claims she was ordered to go to the hidden room after her foul- mouthed outburst at fellow housemate Tiffany Pollard. Megan, who admitted she had "had a drink", took umbrage at John's comment that the housemates needed a meeting Megan is going crazy!.

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