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How to do set and drift problems

A simple exercise of set and drift aka direction and rate. No Cheating – do the problem first – here is the answer plot · Here is the real answer. Erase Course from DR to Destination. 2. Draw Course from most recent fix to destination. This is the course you need to make good. 4. Draw the set & drift you . You are underway and intend to make good a course of ° T. You experience a current with a set and drift of ° T at knots, and a northwest wind.

This leads to a class of “set and drift” problems described, for example, As for the equivalent numerical solution we can do the following. Set & Drift. ➢ A DR track is based on an assumption of making good an exact course and being Set in the current and/or what to steer in order to make good a desired However, in this problem, the Set & Drift is separate from the Leeway. It is easy to include them; just do a graphical solution in a triangle on your Using predicted set and drift to arrive at an EP is the art of adjusting.

How do you find out how much the current influences the ship's course and speed? but this does not solve the problem of the influence on the ship's speed . If a fix does not plot where expected, the effects of set and drift are often If fixes do not fall on the desired track line (course made good), then.

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