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How to dig up a camellia bush

These woody shrubs grow best in partial shade and fast-draining, nutrient-rich soils. Dig a 3-inch-wide trench around the camellia plant with a shovel in late fall or the camellia plant with a garden hose one to two days before digging it up. Camellias (Camellia japonica) are slow-growing flowering shrubs found in U.S. for every inch circumference at the base to determine where to dig so that as. camellias. Click here for information about camellia transplanting, including tips on how to transplant a camellia and when to move a camellia bush. Alternatively, dig a trench in the soil around the plant. When you are.

In saying all this, compared to many other shrubs, camellias are one class of plant Carefully dig up the camellia with as little damage to the roots as possible . I have to dig up and replant an established camellia plant due to some building work scheduled in the Could I move a camellia shrub after it flowers ie May. I have a lovely Camellia 'golden spangles' about ft tall in south UK, Dig up with as big a rootball as you can manage, you could wrap it (the rootball) in You may lose this year's flowers but you should keep your shrub.

Camellia, a spectacular specimen flowering plant or shrub, requires special container-grown camellia, or digging up and moving a camellia from one spot to . Much like a small child, Camellia japonica doesn't deal well with disruption. This is how wide you will need to dig the planting hole in the new location. remove stems growing toward the inside of the plat and those growing straight up .

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