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How to delete your clipboard on iphone

Since the advent of iOS 3, iPhones have the capacity to copy and paste text. Just like on a computer, copied text is saved to the iPhone's hard drive clipboard. As far as I know OSX doesn't have a clipboard history. I don't think there's any way to clear that in the processes that support such a feature. The built-in clipboard on iOS is hidden and only contains the last copied information since the last reboot. To check It will become more clear when you do it.

To clear up your clipboard on iOS, simply open an App which has a text field such as Message or Notes App. Where the cursor is blinking, tap. You can't natively, but you can copy blank spaces to overwrite the previous copied content. I'm sure they're 3rd-party apps that'll help, but I. Also, turning the phone off and on will erase the clipboard. Edit: Yeah, the poster below is said: ↑. Just copy a blank space or.

I just copy and pasted some text and I was wondering if there's any way to clear the clipboard history on it. I tried to copy other text and. This is the first time I see you guys REMOVE a feature in an update. In the latest iOS update (), one can no longer choose the amount of. You can reset the simulator to "factory defaults". Click on "iOS Simulator" in the menu bar and select the third option from the top.

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