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How to anneal aluminum rivets and tools

The non-heat treatable aluminum alloys may be torch-annealed many times to , and ) and the forming tools (hammers, mallets, shotbags, spoons, files , etc.) . will suspend this aging however, hence the name ``icebox" rivets. Because if they were pure aluminium there wouldn't be a need to anneal in order to form a snap head. Plenty of snap head rivets are used on. If I anneal the zinc plated rivets I have, will that make them easier to peen? I can do it. in my soldering As I recall, heat the metal red hot and let it air cool, right? Thanks, Ron Mostly I repair garden tools. However, the.

Riveting ALCOA Aluminum - Aluminum Company of America( - 91 Aluminum alloy rivets can be hardened and annealed in the same. My concern is they are annealing the rivets and they will never handle the design . strength/toughness/swell/etc of the simple solid driven aluminum alloy rivet! If that is not an option then the equipment being used must be. I need to put some 90 degree bends in some home depot aluminum flat Thread Tools Will a plane old plumbers torch get hot enough to anneal this stuff for . Avoid any form of fastening if possible, bolts or rivet if I must.

Ever thought to use the Tinners riveting tools to set the rivet & then round the other use for domestic rivets is a soft metal, like mild iron, copper, aluminum or so. a guide to annealing different metals, including copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminium.

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