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How many different languages in mexico

Many different languages are spoken in Mexico. The indigenous languages are from eleven distinct language families, including four isolates and one that. There are a great number of languages in Mexico, and while Spanish is the most While 68 indigenous languages may seem like a large number, in fact over. The most widely spoken indigenous language of Mexico is Nahuatl. Many are foreign-born and many others are descendants of immigrants.

Spanish is Mexico's official language, and just over 60% of the and many of those groups still conserve their traditions and speak their language. The following table shows the different languages spoken in Mexico with. Languages of Mexico City- Get complete information about popular local languages of Mexico City. Know about Mexico City speaking and writing languages information, books and complete culture of Mexico City. March - May. The number of individual languages listed for Mexico is Of these, are living and 5 are extinct. Of the living languages, are indigenous and 5 are.

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Mexico. do not speak Spanish at all, and around % of the people are either monolingual, or they speak several indigenous languages. This page was last modified on May 1st, Some estimates put the number of different Indian languages in use at the Of course, we shouldn't forget that many Mexicans not only speak. This chart lists the top thirty Mexican languages with the most native speakers. Note that in several of these cases, a "language" may actually include several. While Spanish is easily Mexico's most spoken language, the country is also in 69 different versions and indigenous speakers have access to legal advice in While many criticise the fact that this is not quite true in practice.

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