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How to build a 348 stroker engine

Stroker engine packages are a popular option because the Ws can retain their stock appearance, but with the increased displacement, pack far more potent. Chevy W-Series Engine Build – The Reanimator From To including Scat stroker cranks and rods, CP flyweight pistons with thin rings. Chevy strokers are pretty common. But how much do we hear about Chevy's less produced engine, the / W motor? Surprisingly, they.

Part two for this engine build. This time we are taking our Chevy engine and making it a stroker. Only at We'll cover the ci ( crank) build first and I think we'll do a few I think we'll use big block rods and forged pistons in all of the stroker recipes. . So a low horsepower engine with high compression is actually more likely. Thanks for the info I'm sorry, I should of stated in my first post but I planned on building a / stroker motor so I can easily get to -

We're not going to lie and tell you that it's easy to build your own motor. Even though you've read other articles in the past and have seen the photos, the amount. I'm starting a build on a 59' stroker. Biggest thing I need to In response to sycsteve. I'm buying the stroker kit offered through show cars.

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