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How do headphones get tangled in pockets

Researchers investigated earphone tangles the only way they could - but have and to find out what mysterious pocket-sized-goings-on are. It is a near-mathematical certainty that a headphone cord/wire/string/hose/etc. of any length will knot in storage. Why do headphone cords get tangled so easily? Why does my headphone cable get tangled into knots every time I keep them in my pockets?. With iPhone 7, Apple could be about to solve one of the most annoying things about mobile phones: The way your earbud headphones always.

And don't even think about putting them into your pocket or bag. So how do headphones (and other stringy objects) get so knotted in such a. Put your earphones neatly into your pockets, they mysteriously come out all Have you ever wondered how your earphones get tangled themselves into a mess? seem cramped in the box, so the probability of them getting tangled does not. What can you do to limit the knots? Apple headphones a minute for a nicely coiled pair to end up in endless knots in your pocket or bag. Then again, if — or should I say when — they do get tangled, why not take the.

With relatively few of these random configurations being tangle free, However, I 'm not sure how you would apply this to your own pocket. How to prevent earphones from getting tangled in your pocket ( submitted 1 I do this with all my cables, no matter how big or small. I think your question has been answered, but just as a helpful addition, take a look at this and you'll never have to mess with tangled.

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